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The images on this page are of the 6 Hayes Children that were born between 1898 and 1907.
The majority of these images were provided by Marjorie, the daughter of Amy.

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Nellie John Alice Amy Mary Alfred

The Father - John Hayes
Born 4th June 1872 at Camberwell

John Hayes Father

The Mother - Harriet Hayes née Arnold
Born in 1875 or 1876 at Newington

Harriet Hayes Mother

This photograph shows both Father and Mother plus some (4?) of the Hayes offspring on a Family Outing at or just beyond the turn of the century.

They were married on the 2nd September 1894 at Camberwell

Nellie - Born 1st January 1898

Nellie Hayes

John - Born December 1899

John Hayes

Alice - Born 1st April 1902

Alice Hayes

Amy - Born 20th December 1903

Amy Hayes

Mary - Born 11th April 1906

Mary Hayes

Alfred - Born 18th August 1907

Alfred Hayes

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